Third CALID Lipid Nutrition Forum Was Successfully Held In Beijing

The launch of Animal Lipid Science

As we all know, in the current international environment of uncertainty, feed raw materials shortage, depressed farming environment background, how to improve feed conversion efficiency, how to improve feed end scientific and technological innovation, to achieve food saving and emission reduction in animal husbandry, improve quality and efficiency, has become a hot topic of common concern in the entire industry.

The 3rd CALID Lipid Nutrition Forum

Lipid nutrition as one of the six nutrients, how to help the aquaculture industry to achieve effective cost reduction and significant improvement of income in the short term through the study of lipid nutrition, has important practical significance.

In this context, on August 9, the third CALID Lipid Nutrition Forum jointly organized by the Feed Branch of China High-tech Industrialization Research Association and Calid Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing. Li Defa, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor of College of Animal Science and Technology of China Agricultural University; He Dongping, President of the Branch of Oil and Fats of China Society of Grain and Oils and Professor of College of Food Science and Engineering of Wuhan Light Industry University; Liu Yulan, professor and doctoral supervisor of Wuhan Light Industry University; Ma Yongxi, Associate researcher and doctoral supervisor of China Agricultural University; Zhou Xiaoyan, deputy editor of China Agricultural Press and Vice President of China Agricultural Press’s Aquaculture Publishing Branch, Shi Jianxuan, Professor of Hebei University of Engineering, Ma Baishun, President of Shandong Modern Layer Industry Research Institute, senior animal husbandry engineer, Wang Jihua, Chairman of Calid Biotech (Wuhan) Co., LTD., Dr. Cao Yu, Director of Research and development of Calid and colleagues from all over the country gathered together. Talk about the new prospects of lipid nutrition and create a new chapter in the feed industry.


The forum was chaired by Shen Shuibao, professor of Guangxi University and president of Guangxi Feed Industry Association.

Shen Shuibao professor at Guangxi University

At the beginning of the forum, Chairman Wang Jihua delivered a speech on stage, and he stressed the founding purpose of “CALID Lipid Nutrition Forum”, that is, to create a platform for value co-creation and sharing results. He hoped to join hands with colleagues in the industry to promote the industrialization of fatty acids, and expressed his welcome and gratitude to the guests.

Academician Li Defa addressed the forum. He highly affirmed the position of the third CALID Lipid Nutrition Forum in the industry and the efforts and contributions made by CAlid to promote the development of the feed fatty acid industry. He stressed that the promotion of science and technology is crucial to the development of the entire industry, and called on science and technology workers to have the spirit of excellence. He hopes that the majority of scientific and technological workers will write their papers on the land of the motherland; It is also hoped that the whole industry will work together to create a more accurate and balanced fatty acid nutrition model to improve feed conversion efficiency and contribute to China’s food security.

Li Defa academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Yongxi Ma spoke as the chief editor of the book Animal Lipid Science. He introduced the process of compiling the new book in detail and thanked the editorial team for their rigorous attitude towards the new book. He said that this book has devoted a lot of academicians and experts, including Academician Li Defa, Academician Hou Shuisheng, Academician Qiao Shiyan, Academician Yin Yulong, Academician McConson, and he is proud of being the chief editor.


Ma Yongxi Associate researcher doctoral supervisor China Agricultural University

Zhou Xiaoyan, deputy editor, spoke on behalf of China Agricultural Press. She highly affirmed the content of Animal Lipid Science, and also introduced the cover design concept, main content and main characteristics of the book. She pointed out that this book is the first academic monograph in the field of animal nutrition in China with lipid nutrition as the main content, and it was written with the integration of theoretical research and practical application, which is urgently needed for the development of the industry. It is recommended that animal nutrition and feed processing professionals, scientific researchers engaged in the field of research, technical directors and formulators of feed and breeding enterprises read and refer to this book.

Zhou Xiaoyan associate editor of China Agricultural Press


At the forum site, the inaugural ceremony of “Animal Lipid Science” was grandly held, which became a major attraction of the forum. Academician Li Defa, Professor He Dongping, Professor Liu Yulan, Associate Researcher Ma Yongxi, Associate editor Zhou Xiaoyan, Chairman Wang Jihua took the stage to unveil the new book; Sun Xiaoge, Ai Qinghui, Zuo Rantao, Wang Lu, Wu Yi, Liu Yulan, Ma Qiugang, Lai Changhua, Li Fengna, Guo Qiuping, Li Wenjuan and other participants took a group photo on stage.

The 3rd CALID Lipid Nutrition Forum

In the expert report session, Professor He Dongping introduced the import and export status of oil and fats in China last year with the theme of “the Development trend of China’s oil and fats industry”. He said that the oil and oil processing industry shoulders the dual task of ensuring the safety of the national grain and oil food, meeting the material needs of the people’s healthy life and providing a variety of essential industrial raw materials for the society, and is the most important related industry in the livestock industry. He elaborated the new development of oil processing technology in China in recent years from the aspects of new oil source development, accurate and moderate processing technology and equipment, food special oil processing technology, functional oil preparation technology, comprehensive utilization of oil and oil, edible oil safety control technology, intelligent and digital technology, enzyme technology, green oil storage technology, and oil application in animal husbandry industry. He said that the oil industry is closely related to human nutrition and animal nutrition, and “stable supply, improving quality and health standards” are the common concerns of the two industries.

He Dongping President of the Branch of China Grain and Oil Society

With the theme “Application of Lipid in Laying Hens”, President Ma Baishun shared the applied research and experimental data of fatty acid balance in laying hens, the development of nutrient-rich egg production technology, and the future planning and prospect of Hejia Lipid Research Center. He pointed out that Hejia Lipid Research Center will focus on the evaluation of the nutritional and functional application value of lipids in livestock and poultry farming in the future. Theoretical research on lipid industry development was carried out to provide information support for the industry, focusing on lipid application and functional lipid enrichment evaluation system and standard formulation (revision), application and promotion of balanced lipid, popularization of functional lipid enrichment egg science knowledge, healthy culture of functional lipid and precision nutrition and feeding technology.

Shandong modern laying chicken industry Research Institute president Ma Baishun

With the theme of “Development of Fatty acid Balanced Milk“, Dr. Cao Yu introduced the contradiction between the high cost of livestock and poultry breeding and the rising consumption, and put forward the solution of fatty acid balance. He pointed out that through the balance of fatty acids, nutrition absorption can be promoted and fat efficiency can be improved, and on this basis, the integration of milk fat technology can further enhance the potency of fat. This is how Lidopro ® Balanced Milk was born, which can replace soybean oil 1:1 and achieve 1.1 times the substitution effect.

Dr. Cao Yu Research and Development Director of CALID

With the theme of “Research on the Application of Fatty acid Balance in Sow Production“, Professor Liu Yulan introduced the problem of low fertility of sows, the basic function of fats, the effect of fats on sow reproductive performance and piglet production performance, the application research of fats in sow production, the effect of fatty acid balance on animal production, and the development of balanced fat products for sows. She pointed out that different fatty acids have different effects on sow reproductive performance, milk composition and intestinal growth and development of piglets, and reasonable mixing of various fatty acids can not only effectively save raw materials, but also make up for the deficiency of single fatty acids.

Liu Yulan professor at Wuhan University of Light Industry

With the theme of “Research on the Application of Fatty acid Balanced Milk in livestock and Poultry“, Professor Shi Jianjiang introduced the research motivation, theoretical basis, experimental research, product efficacy and use methods of fatty acid balanced milk products. He pointed out that under the premise of the national “low protein diet” strategy and the high use of fats in diets, the team developed a new product – “fatty acid balance Milk – Lidopro ®” on the basis of the theory of fatty acid balance through the innovation of the oil homogenization and emulsification processing technology, and the results of 4 tests showed that: Lidopro ® Balanced milk can improve the milk production performance of sows by promoting nutrient absorption and improving the health of sows, thus improving the growth, development and survival of piglets.

Shi Jianchang professor of Hebei University of Technology


Adhering to the great vision of promoting the quality and efficiency of the feed industry, transformation and upgrading, and leading the development of lipid nutrition, CALID Lipid Nutrition Forum has been successfully held for three consecutive sessions since 2021, attracting more and more attention, and this forum is full of friends and has become an influential industry event in the field of fatty acids. In the future, CALID will continue to focus on the research and development, manufacturing and application promotion of new technologies and products of animal lipid nutrition, continue to explore and innovate, provide accurate balanced solutions for feed grade fatty acids in the field of animal husbandry and fishery, and lead the efficient, orderly and healthy development of the industry.

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