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SchizoPrime is obtained from the ultraviolet mutated strain of Schizachyrium by fermentation and drying the fermentation broth. When feeding animals, adding them to pet food, feed, and drinking water can greatly promote the growth of animals.

Product Parameters


Chemical name Schizochytrium powder
Trade name SchizoPrime
Content DHA18%, Feed-grade
CAS NO. 6217-54-5
Storage Seal, dry, and refrigerate, away from direct sunlight.
Package 20kg/bag
Appearance Light yellow to yellowish brown granules
Shelf life 24 months

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As a biological bait rich in DHA, SchizoPrime is added to aquatic feed and used to strengthen the nutrition of fish, shrimp, crab, and other aquatic animals, which can achieve the effect of increasing production and income. Added to livestock feed, used to improve the survival rate of young, improve quality and taste; Add in pet feed, effectively prevent disease and pathological changes, improve body immunity.

For Eggs

Fatty acid conversion rate of eggs is very high, which is determined by feed composition. Eggs rich in N-3 fatty acids could be obtained by feeding diets containing DHA, and the fatty acid composition of eggs could be changed.

For Poultry

Enhanced meat product nutrition;

For Swine

Improve its meat quality, increase the content of long-chain unsaturated fatty acids in pork;

For Ruminant

Changes in meat and milk fatty acid composition without affecting growth performance. Can reduce cow embryo mortality;

For Pets

Improves pet growth performance.

For Aquatic

Promote animal growth and development, improve non-specific immunity and anti-stress ability, change the fatty acid composition of fish.



SchizoPrime is rich in nutritional value.
DHA, algal protein, minerals, polysaccharides, active peptides, squalene, etc.
Novel ω-3 fatty acid resource, equivalent to replacing fish oil products
Microbial origin, high ω-3 content, higher metabolizable energy, no safety risk, good palatability, and better stability.
GRAS strain fermentation, pure natural green products, provide a safer and sustainable supply chain guarantee.
Complete supply chain management, technical research and development team, quality management system.





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