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Oprimest-S is a compound fatty acid product developed according to the fatty acid nutrition of breeding poultry. It adopts a scientific formula to provide breeding poultry with the required short chain, medium chain and omega-3 fatty acids, and achieve the balance of the three fatty acids of w-3/w-6, short medium long chain and saturated/unsaturated fatty acids in the diet. It is committed to improving the quality of hatching eggs, promoting the semen quality of breeder cock, stabilizing the hatching rate, and boosting the efficiency of breeding poultry.

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Product parameter

Product name Oprimest-S
Appearance Brown or rufous solid powder
Packaging 25kg/bag
Storage Sealed in a dry and cool place,away from direct sunlight
Shelf life 24 months

 Mechanism of action

» Short chain fatty acids
Maintain the integrity of intestinal mucosa
» Medium chain fatty acids
Supply energy fast to intestinal tract, regulate the intestinal microflora, and antiviral.
Improve the quality of hatching eggs and semen and enhance the reproductive performance.

Main benefits

  • Promote the balance of fatty acids nutrients, enhance the utilizing rate of nutrient substance.
  • Improve the reproductive performance, promote the quality of hatching eggs and semen.
  • Optimize gut health, strengthen the ability of resistance disease as well as uniformity

Usage and dosage

Special for breeding poultry, add 2.0 kg/ton in complete feed.

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