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Oprimest-LH regulates the balance of intestinal flora by balancing fatty acid nutrition and supplemented with microecological bioactive factors, alleviates intestinal burden and improves intestinal status of laying hens, thereby improving egg production efficiency.

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Product parameter

Product name Oprimest-LH
Appearance Brown or rufous solid powder
Packaging 20kg/bag
Storage Sealed in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.
Shelf life 24 months

Main benefits

Promote absorption

  • Promote intestinal development
  • Maintain the integrity of the intestinal mucosal system
  • Improve the efficiency of nutrient absorption

Regulatory flora

  • Control the proliferation of harmful bacteria
  • Decrease intestinal damage
  • Reduce the incidence

Strengthen immunity

  • Boost resistance to stress
  • Reduce the impact of environmental factors
  • Reduce the consumption of inflammatory response

Usage and dosage


Mixed evenly in the complete feed


Stage Dosage(kg/ton)
Brooding to growing period 1.0
Laying period 1.0
Late laying period 1.0-2.0


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