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Oprimest-B is a compound fat product developed according to the fatty acid nutritional structure of poultry. To provide the required of fatty acids of SCFAs, MCFAs and ω-3 for poultry diets, and to achieve the balance of saturated/unsaturated, ω-3/ω-6, SCFAs, MCFAs and LCFAs in diets.Thereby, to increase feed efficiency and improve the economic benefits of breeding.

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Product parameter

Product name Oprimest-B
Appearance Brown or rufous solid powder
Packaging 25kg/bag
Storage Sealed in a dry and cool place,away from direct sunlight
Shelf life 24 months

Main ingredients

SCFA: maintain the integrity of intestinal mucosa, regulate intestine flora, supply energy to intestinal epithelial cells.
MCFA: supply energy fast; inhibit the harmful bacterium of intestine; promote the growth of beneficial bacterium; antiviral
EPA/DHA: enhance the immunity system; growth promotion; improve reproductive performance as well as the quality of livestock products.


  • Promote absorption — Promote the nutritional balance of fatty acids, reduce energy consumption, and improve energy utilization
  • Reduce energy consumption — Promote the utilization rate of fat digestion and absorption, and improve the utilization efficiency of feed
  • Optimize intestinal tract —Improve intestinal health, improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, and strengthen disease resistance

Usage and dosage

Special for broiler, add 0.5-2.0kg per ton in complete feed

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