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Oprimest®-AQ is a product developed according to the fatty acid nutritional requirements of aquatic animals. Based on the balance of three fatty acids, it makes up for the lack of fatty acids by analyzing the dietary and nutritional requirements data of aquatic animals. Thus, the aquaculture performance, feed efficiency and health of aquatic animals can be improved, and the economic benefits of aquaculture can be improved.

Product display

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Product parameter
Product name Oprimest-AQ
Appearance Brown or rufous solid powder
Packaging 25kg/bag
Storage Sealed in a dry and cool place,away from direct sunlight
Shelf life 24 months
Mechanism of action



Action mechanism of Oprimest-AQ

Main benefits

1. Intestinal protection, anti-bacterial: maintenance of intestinal mucosal integrity

2. Liver protection, antiviral: optimize metabolism and relieve fatty liver

3. Disease resistance, growth promotion: enhancement of non-specific immunity



The application of Oprimest®-AQ in tilapia

The feed coefficient decreased by 4.3%, the survival rate and the total daily gain rate increased by 3.9% and 11.1%, respectively.

The application of Oprimest®-AQ in grass carp

Feed coefficient decreased by 9.65%, weight gain rate and final weight increased by 12.04% and 8.33%, respectively.

The application of Oprimest®-AQ in white shrimp

The feed coefficient decreased by 9.44%, the survival rate and weekly weight gain increased by 4.4% and 32.6%, respectively.


Supplemented with 1-5 kg/t in complete feed.

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