Lidomate is a fatty acid balanced product with short and medium chain fatty acids as the core ingredient. It can provide short chain and medium chain fatty acids that are lacking in animal diets to promote the balance of fatty acids in diets, improve the absorption efficiency of nutrients, and enhance the economic benefits of breeding.

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Main benefits

» Improve nutrient absorption efficiency: Optimize the intestinal environment and improve the nutrient absorption efficiency of intestinal cells;
» Promote the balance of dietary fatty acids: reduce intestinal energy consumption, improve lipid metabolism, boost the absorption efficiency of dietary protein by 5-10%, and reduce feed cost by 1-2%;
» Optimize animal health: broad-spectrum antibacterial, antiviral, strengthen the ability of antioxidant and anti-stress of animals.

Product advantages

» High content of SCFA and MCFA work together to promote the balance of SCFA and MCFA in vivo.
» Adopt technology of nano embedding technology and advanced ester film control to achieve accurate release and make its effect more lasting.

Recommended dosage

(Mixed with complete feed)

Species Dosage(kg/t)
Swine 0.5-2.0
Aquatic 1.0-3.0
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