An alternative to sodium and calcium butyrates.

Caltrin-L is a source of butyric acid, present as tributyrin. Tributyrin is the most concentrated derivate of butyric acid on the market. As tributyrin consists of three molecules of butyric acid, it is highly concentrated in butyric acid. Tributyrin is an energy source for the enterocytes and strengthens the gut barrier function via stimulating enterocyte differentiation and maturation.

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Trade name Caltrin -L
CAS NO. 60-01-5
Packaging Available in 1000kg IBC tank and 25kg/drum
Appearance Colorless to pale yellow oily liquid


5 副本11 scaled


Caltrin-L 25kg packaging+label Caltrin-L IBC tank+label


√ Available in dry and liquid form
√ Heat stable up to 150°C
√ Neutral taste and odour
√ Stable during pelletizing/extrusion
√ Manufactured in certified FamiQS & ISO facilities


√ 100% bypass the stomach, deliver the butyric acid to the gut directly and improves nutrient absorption efficiency
√ Effectively repairs the small intestinal villi of animals and inhibit harmful intestinal bacteria
√ Increase sow feed intake and promote sow milk production
√ Promote weaned piglets to eat, improve nutrient absorption, significantly improve the uniformity of pig herd
√ Strengthens gut barrier function
√ Improves daily weight gain and feed efficiency


(Mixed with complete feed)

Species Dosage(kg/t)
Swine 0.5-2.0
Poultry 0.3-1.0
Aquatic 1.0-3.0
Ruminant 4.0-8.0

For dry form, please click Caltrin-P

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