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Monobutyrin is composed of one molecule of glycerol and one molecule of butyric acid, which can be absorbed deep into the digestive tract into the posterior intestine, improve the health of the small intestinal villi, strengthen immunity, control bacteria, boost intestinal health, and make animals grow faster and better.

Product Parameters

Calmorin-L Parameters

Chemical name Monobutyrin
Content of glyceryl butyrate Min 75%
CAS NO. 557-25-5
Boiling point 153 °C (7 mmHg)
Package 1000KG/ IBC, 25KG/DRUM
Appearance Colorless or slight yellow oily liquid
Storage Sealed in a dry and cool place,away from direct sunlight.
Shelf life 24 months

Product display

5 副本11 scaled

Mechanism of action

Calmorin-L Mechanism of action


» Supplement short-chain fatty acids to maintain intestinal absorption
» Promote intestinal villi microangiogenesis and protect intestinal health;
» Zero catalyst, no residue and eco-friendly.
» Soluble in water when in liquid form

Main benefits

  •  Direct energy supply for intestinal cells to improve intestinal function
  • Stimulate the proliferation of epithelial cells, increase the height of intestinal villi, promote nutrient absorption
  • Accelerate the proliferation of beneficial intestinal microorganisms and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria
  • Hydrophilic and oleophilic, which can direct access to the hindgut to maintain intestinal health
  • Boost animal disease resistance, anti-stress ability, and relieve a variety of stress losses

The functional difference of different butyric acid products

Calmorin-L (4)Mechanism of action

Our Advantages

Calmorin-L Advantages



Species Dosage(kg/ton)
Swine 0.5-2.0
Poultry 0.3-1.0
Aquatic 1.0-3.0
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