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Calaurin G85

Calaurin G85

Calaurin G85 is a class of glycerides that are composed of lauric acid, which exists naturally in breast milk, coconut oil, and American sunflower plants, and can also be synthesized by the esterification of lauric acid and glycerin under certain conditions. It is a lipophilic non-ionic surfactant with an HLB value of 5.2. It has a good affinity to the bacterial cell membrane and viral envelope and has excellent antibacterial, antiviral properties, Anti-inflammatory and antitoxin, and other functions, and its mechanism of action and defense as similar to the era of antibiotics. Because of their excellent performance, acidulants, herbal extracts, and other functional additive compounds with use have a synergistic effect and have a broad application prospect in the field of animal nutrition.


Calaurin G90-2

Product name Calaurin  G85
Assay Min.85%
CAS NO. 142-18-7
Packaging Available in 25 kg bag and 600 kg big bag
Appearance White or off-white solid powder




1.Energy supply: decomposition produces lauric acid, which provides energy for animals quickly.

Calaurin G90-5

2.Anti-bacterial properties: It has a selective inhibitory effect on intestinal harmful microorganisms and a stable antibacterial effect.

Calaurin G90-6

3.Anti-viral properties: It has a good inhibitory effect on enveloped viruses, and plays a role in the prevention and treatment of related viral diseases.

Calaurin G90-7

4.Emulsifier: It has good emulsification and can promote the digestion and absorption of oil and improve fat metabolism.

Calaurin G90-8


Calaurin G90-9


It is recommended to contact your local Calid technical sales manager to determine a specific dose level.


Species Dosage(kg/t)
Swine 0.5-2.0
Poultry 0.3-1.0
Aquatic 1.0-3.0
Ruminant 1.0-3.0

For higher concentration, please click Calaurin G90.

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