Ankesor is a functional feed additive designed to solve animal intestinal health problems using advanced coating technology. This product selects high-quality energy and green raw materials, processed by advanced microencapsulation technology, strengthens the double antibacterial effect of medium chain fatty acid and plant essential oil,Showing synergetic effect with each other can effectively promote growth, enhance immunity, prevent diarrhea diseases such as necrotizing enteritis in poultry, and make poultry intestinal tract disease-free and grow better.

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In Sow

» Enhanced average weaning weight by 200g, improved the weaning litter weight by 4kg.
» Improved colostrum protein by 20%, enhanced normal milk fat by 10%.
» Reduced backfat loss by 40%, shorten WSI by 3 days.
» Shorten the birth process by 20%, reduced the risk of dystocia and the incidence of postpartum inflammation.

In Piglet

» Increased the feed intake and daily gain by 8%.
» Improved FCR by -0.21
» Improved weaning survival rate by 6% and reduced diarrhea rate

In Poultry

» Boosted feed efficiency by 2-5%
» Improved ADG of broiler
» Reduced intestinal damage caused by clostridium by 83%
» Raised the slaughtering weight of broiler (58 days old)

Product advantages

» Double antibacterial – good antibacterial effect on G+ and G-
» Enhance absorption- Emulsify fat and promote lipid absorption.
» Strengthen immunity – regulate inflammation-related factors in multiple ways, reduce the body’s inflammatory response, and improve the body’s anti-stress ability
» Perfect alternative to antibiotics-Significant help in reduction of antibiotics

Recommended dosage

(Mixed with complete feed)

Use Stage Dosage (kg/t)
Piglet (5-25kg) 1.0-2.0
Growing-finishing pig (25kg-finish) 0.5-1.0
Late pregnancy of sows 0.5-1.0
Lactating sows 1.0-2.0
Use Stage Dosage (kg/t)
Broiler (1-21 days old) 0.15-0.5
Broiler (>21 days old) 0.15
Laying hens (growing period) 0.5
Laying hens (laying period) 0.5-1.0


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