Pay attention to COVID-19, starting with DHA supplementation!

DHA supplementation

With the arrival of summer, the temperature gradually rises. COVID-19 is also gradually becoming active. How to better protect yourself while doing a good job of self-protection?
For example, add some DHA every day.
Recent research shows that SARS and COVID-19 share a common receptor in the human body: ACE2
This protein is expressed in a variety of cells, including the lung, heart, and kidney. After virus infection, the relative ratio of ACE1 and ACE2 in the body will be out of balance, making AngⅡ unable to be hydrolyzed, and AngⅡ is a powerful vasoconstrictor This is why COVID-19 has potential cardiovascular complications and renal complications in addition to pneumonia.
In vitro experiments showed that:
DHA diet significantly reduced the protein levels of ACE2 in heart, aorta and kidney of rats, and ACE2 plays a key role in virus entry into cells.
Thus, DHA treatment was able to reduce the levels of ACE2, a key node in the infection chain.

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In addition, experiments have confirmed that DHA-treated cells can keep themselves from being invaded in an environment full of recombinant COVID-19 viruses.

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The results of these two experiments illustrate that DHA not only reduces cellular ACE2 levels, but also reduces viral entry into cells.

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Description of DHA as a therapeutic approach to reduce the likelihood of viral infection by reducing ACE2, the viral breakthrough point.
Vegetarians also need to supplement DHA.
In recent years, topics related to vegetarianism have gradually come into everyone’s attention. First of all, let  state that, without forcing others, whether to be a vegetarian or not is only one’s own choice, and should not be raised to other levels.
From the data point of view, the main risk factors of many chronic diseases have decreased among vegetarians, but similarly, vegetarians also face the deficiency of some nutrients.
Taking fatty acids as an example, the omega-6 family and the omega-3 family belong to the fatty acids needed by the human body. Among them, EPA and DHA are examples. They are highly concentrated in the brain and retina, and participate in the role of cognition and neurodevelopment.
It cannot be synthesized directly, but can only rely on transformation. Unfortunately, the conversion pathway of ALA is very inefficient and cannot meet daily requirements at all.
For most people, eating fish or fish oil can complete dietary supplementation with DHA, but for vegetarians, it seems that it is not so easy.


As a substitute for fish oil, algae oil, especially Schizochytrium, has attracted much attention.
In fact, algae oil DHA has long been authorized by the European Commission as a food supplement. Under the recommended dose, 250 mg of DHA can be supplemented with algae oil capsules per day.
A 2021 study in Spain confirmed that continuous administration of algae oil capsules increased DHA levels in vegetarians by up to 124% over a 15-week period.

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Choose high-efficiency DHA eggs.
DHA usually exists in these forms:
The natural triglyceride form TAG-DHA, the processed and concentrated ethyl ester form EE-DHA, and the natural phospholipid form PC-DHA, correspondingly, the representative substances of each are fish meat and fish oil; capsule health products; eggs and krill .
On the Internet we can easily find evidence of the efficient absorption of lecithin DHA.

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This is not enough. In our brain, there is a layer of blood-brain barrier, which acts as a gatekeeper for screening substances, and the pass rate of phospholipid DHA here is 10 times that of albumin-esterified DHA.
And this selective phenomenon only appears in the brain.
Because there is the blood-brain barrier lipid transport protein MFSD2A, its duty is to transport lysophospholipid DHA to the brain, and the relevant research was published in the world’s top scientific journal Nature.

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To sum up, for good health,we can’t let our guard down yet,

Start by wearing a mask;

Start with hand sanitizing;

Start with DHA supplementation.

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