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When it comes to duck, many foodies may think of duck neck, duck wings, duck feet, duck collarbones, which have become one of the favorite casual snacks in the daily life of thousands of foodies.But the partners who eat ducks may not know that raising ducks is a hard work and very internal. Because ducks have a strong ability to digest and absorb, they need to consume a lot of feed, and the feed cost accounts for the majority of the total cost of duck rearing (about 70 to 95%). To help farmers make more money, we wanted to see if this idea could be realized through “lipid nutrition” technology.


Recently, we conducted this study in Jiangsu Province, a “major duck eater”, and the results were exciting: After using the fat product, Ankesor , per 1,000 ducks, the FCR was reduced by nearly 0.06! It shows that Ankesor can greatly reduce the cost of duck breeding!


Effects of Ankesor® on growth performance of Cherry Valley broiler ducks ▼


Note: Different lowercase letters of shoulder label with the same index indicate significant difference (P<0.05).

The growth performance of high-dose ANKESOR ® group was the best, followed by low-dose ANKESOR 8 group, and the feed to gain ratio of low-dose Ankesor ® group was slightly better than that of antibiotic group. These results indicated that the growth promotion effect of ANKESOR was equivalent to that of antibiotics.

So, why can Ankesor improve the growth performance of meat ducks?

ANKESOR  is a functional feed additive designed to address the gut health of animals using an advanced coating process. This product selects high-quality energy and green raw materials, processed by advanced microencapsulation technology, strengthens the double antibacterial effect of monoglyceride laurate and plant essential oil, and synergies, can effectively promote growth, enhance immunity, prevent diarrhea diseases such as necrotizing enteritis in poultry, and make poultry intestinal tract worse-free and grow better.The experimental data show that dietary ANKESOR can improve the cecal flora, intestinal morphology and barrier function of meat ducks, and then improve the growth performance of meat ducks.This research is the result of our joint research with the Institute of Animal Science, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The Antioxidants results are published in the journal Antioxidants and interested parties can view them by clicking on the link below or clicking on the Antioxidants file. Let’s enjoy duck blood and vermicelles soup, a Jiangsu specialty.The data can be found in | Microcapsule Essential Oil can Improve the Growth Performance of Meat Ducks by Improving Intestinal Morphology and Cecal Flora.5

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Calid Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is a specialized company that focuses on the R&D, manufacturing, promoting, and application of new technologies and products for animal lipid nutrition, providing solutions for the feed-grade fatty acid balancing to customers in the livestock and fishery field.

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