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DHA eggs make debut in Guizhou — Calid promotes the upgrading of animal products with precision nutrition of fatty acids

DHA functional egg development technology cooperation Agreement between Calid and Guizhou Alaobiao

Recently,  Calid Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Aolaobiao Industrial Group Co., LTD., officially signed the “DHA functional egg development technology cooperation Agreement”in Nayong County, Bijie City, Guizhou. Both sides will carry out in-depth cooperation to develop high-quality egg products rich in DHA fatty acids by relying on Calid’s DHA enrichment technology, and focus on promoting innovation and upgrading of deep processing of agricultural products.1 2 scaled

DHA, commonly known as brain gold, is a very important unsaturated fatty acid for the human body. It is an important member of the omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid family. As a vital component of the nervous system cells, DHA helps the development of the brain and retina, as well as assisting brain cell development, anti-aging, improving blood circulation and lowering blood lipids. It is important to note that DHA cannot be synthesized by the body itself and must be obtained through food intake. DHA eggs can achieve a full range of human nutrition supplement, for consumers to supplement the health of DHA provides a reliable, convenient, safe channel.2

Dr. Cao, Technical Research and Development Director of Calido, said, “DHA fatty acids are very important for the human body. They are high in deep-sea fish oil and are less efficient in the conversion of linseed oil. Where do we get our DHA eggs? The fat in eggs accounts for 1/3 of the weight of eggs. We provide a certain amount of high concentration DHA in chicken feed, so that it can be directly transferred to eggs.4

Guizhou Aolaobiao Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in Guizhou province, and its egg products are exported to first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Liu Lu, President of the Company, said, “This time, we have collaborated on the development of DHA enriched eggs to diversify the product mix and enhance the awareness of local agricultural products brands. In the next step, we will continue to increase the research and development of various products, so that more high-quality agricultural products from deep Guizhou Dashan will be introduced to the whole country.”5

As a witness of the signing ceremony, Wen Zhengheng, a researcher at the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science of Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said: The development of DHA egg functional products is the first time in Guizhou, and also the first introduction of DHA enrichment technology, which is of great significance to promote the development of local industry and the production of agricultural products.6 scaled

Calid cooperated with the leading enterprises in Guizhou Province to create DHA enriched eggs for this time, . Based on the technical strength of focusing on the field of fatty acid nutrition, it is a major practice to promote industrial upgrading through concept innovation. In the future, Calid will invest more energy in improving the quality of meat, eggs and milk, meet the people’s demand for diversified, nutritious and healthy food by means of fatty acid nutrition regulation, and help upgrade the livestock and poultry products industrial system.

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