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Calid attends the 21st China International Animal Husbandry Expo

21th CIAHE

May 18-20, the 21st (2024) China International Animal Husbandry Expo (hereinafter referred to as “CIAHE“) was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, Greenland International Expo Center.

CIAHE is now Asia’s first and the world’s top two international professional livestock comprehensive event. It is reported that the 21st CIAHE exhibition area of 190,000 square meters, a total of 14 indoor exhibition halls, set up more than 8,000 booths, more than 1,400 exhibitors from more than 20 countries, professional exhibitors and visitors more than 200,000 people.

Calid stand in CIAHE

During the exhibition, the Calid booth was crowded with people. Customers interested in the solutions of fatty acid balance came to the booth to ask about the efficacy and advantages of different products, as well as whether the benefits of using them were significant. Calid’s technicians answered the questions patiently and many customers expressed their intention to cooperate with Calid.

Calid gained a lot from this CIAHE. It also proved that a series of market education initiatives such as the Lipid Nutrition Live, the industry conference Lipid Nutrition Forum, and the organization and planning of the industry monograph “Animal Lipid Science” were effective, and fatty acid balance has become a hot topic in the industry.

Calid brought a variety of fatty acid balancing products for poultry, swine and other farm animals to the exhibition. These products include Oprimest series, which has been proven to be stable and powerful in many production practices, Ankesor and Lidomate, which improve farm animal performance and intestinal health, and functional lipids , which is a nutritional ingredient for short-, medium-, and long-chain fatty acids.

Calid product portfolio

The 3-day CIAHE has come to a successful end, but the excitement never stops! Calid will continue to plough into the field of animal lipid nutrition, and is committed to bringing better value experience and higher economic benefits to livestock and fishery partners.Calid team in CIAHE 2024

About Us

Calid Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is a specialized company that focuses on the R&D, manufacturing, promoting, and application of new technologies and products for animal lipid nutrition, providing solutions for the feed-grade fatty acid balancing to customers in the livestock and fishery field.

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