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A great success about FIIF2021 Animal Lipid Nutrition Forum on Industry Trends of Feed Fatty Acids

hi Jiansheng, professor of Hebei University of Engineering. He introduced the keynote, agenda and distinguished speakers

With the upgrading of market challenges and policy adjustment, the field of animal nutrition has also ushered in a historical turning point. After amino acid balance, trace element balance and vitamin balance, fatty acid balance has become a new trend in the industry.1

On December 5, 2021, the “FIIF2021 Animal Lipid Nutrition Sub-Forum” co-sponsored by the Feed Branch of China High-tech Industrialization Research Society and Calid Biotechnology (Wuhan) Co., LTD was held in Guangzhou. Academicians, experts and scholars, representatives of enterprises and universities and other more than 100 guests gathered together. Discuss the industrialization trend of fatty acids in the field of animal nutrition together, in order to lead the healthy and orderly development of the industry, create and share the future of the industry!


The conference was hosted by Shi Jiansheng, professor of Hebei University of Engineering. He introduced the keynote, agenda and distinguished speakers: Li Defa, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Jihua, chairman of Calid, Yang Bo, professor and doctoral supervisor of South China University of Technology, Ma Yongxi, professor and doctoral supervisor of China Agricultural University, Cao Yu, R&D director of Calid, etc.

Focus on precise balance of fatty acids ,Calid  sets sail.


With the theme of “Industrialization Trend of Feed fatty Acids”, Wang Jihua, chairman of Calid, reviewed the development history of fatty acids from four perspectives of theory, technology, products and application research. In the section of product development trend, he focused on the introduction of butyricin, laurate monoglycine and schizocarcinoma powder (DHA), and showed the application research results of Calid team on these fatty acid products. At the end of the report, Mr. Wang said: “Calid is a start-up company, born for fatty acid balance, focusing on providing precise balance solutions. We have just embarked on this road. The future will be tortuous, but we believe it will be bright!”

To realize the balance of feed fatty acids and promote the upgrading of feed technology

“Oil is more than just energy. It does everything.” Professor Yang Bo from South China University of Technology presented the topic “Value Mining of Fats in Feed”. He introduced the important significance of lipids to the life of the body, analyzed the biological functions and mechanisms of medium and short chain fatty acids, medium chain fatty acid monoglycerides and Omega-3 fatty acids, and proposed the idea of applying ideal fatty acid pattern in feed based on theoretical and experimental data. “If the fatty acid balance can be achieved in feed, it will bring about a huge upgrade in feed technology,” Yang said.

Lauric acid has positive effects on piglets and sows

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Professor Ma Yongxi of China Agricultural University shared the report “Application Value Evaluation of monoglyceride laurate in pig Production”. The latest animal test results of China Agricultural University team were released on site for the first time. This experiment was conducted to investigate the value of dietary laurate monoglycine on weaned piglets and sows. The results showed that dietary α-GML with different grain sizes can significantly reduce the diarrhea rate and improve the apparent digestibility of nutrients of weaned piglets. Monoglyceride laurate has positive effects on reproductive performance and offspring performance of sows, improves lipid metabolism of sows, and regulates antioxidant and immune capacity of sows. “This experiment shows some interesting results and shows that fatty acids have great potential for use in animal nutrition,” Ma said.

Total lipid nutrition solutions reduce costs and increase results

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Cao Yu, Research and Development Director of Cabio Biotechnology (Wuhan) Co., LTD., gave a report on the topic of “Fatty acid balance Solution”. From theoretical research to practical application, he analyzed the important role of fatty acid balance in improving production performance, improving feed returns and reducing costs. Dr. Cao said, “Calid, a subsidiary of Cabio, has created a set of comprehensive and precise animal lipid nutrition solutions, providing efficient, high-quality, green, healthy, safe and environmentally friendly fatty acid products. The comprehensive fatty acid balancing programs include Anlisheng 888, Anlisheng 001 and Gabinone, which enable animals to achieve three types of fatty acid balance through fatty acid balancing products, effectively improving body health and growth efficiency; Efficient intestinal health solutions: Lidomate, Anticlos and diastolic algae powder (DHA), scientific use of lipid nutrition effectively escort animal intestinal health, help to continuously improve economic benefits; Fatty acid monomer raw materials: laurate monoglyceride, monobutyric acid glycerin, tribubutyric acid glycerin, using advanced green technology, to provide high-quality, no residue quality raw material products.”

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The special guest, Academician Li Defa, gave a generous speech. He kindly told everyone to pay attention to epidemic prevention and safety in the special period, and introduced the scientific and efficient personnel training mechanism of National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center and the recent achievements of personnel training. At the same time, Academician Li also expressed his high attention to this meeting and fully recognized the achievements of Calid earlier work. It is also emphasized that processing technology should be placed in an important position in the application research of fatty acid balance.


At the end of the meeting, the audience actively asked questions and made speeches, and actively interacted with the speakers. They further discussed the value and significance of fatty acid balance in the application field, and also gained a lot of dry goods, which pushed the meeting to a small climax.

As the driving force of the industrialization of feed fatty acids in China, Calid is focused on providing precise fatty acid balance solutions, vigorously promoting industry exchanges, sharing and cooperation, and ultimately helping the animal nutrition and feed industry to move forward more scientifically and efficiently.

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